Challenge #03420-I132: Of Course it's Healthy

The world was dead, badly irradiated, it would be a long time for it to heal. The few survivors were in emergency hospital facilities, and the CEO's, now former CEO's, of this badly sickened world, were imprisoned, but also having to take treatment due to pretty severe radiation poisoning. -- Anon Guest

"You can't do this to me, I know my rights," CEO Martlebury Fauntleroy Jenkyns tried to struggle against the Mediks. "This so-called treatment is making me worse! Radiation sickness is fake news! Coughing up blood is perfectly normal..." he finally ran out of breath and collapsed in the bed.

In a moment, the aforementioned coughing would begin.

The Mediks worked as quickly as they could. Adding medicines to his bloodstream. Furnishing him with nanite suites that would repair what they could of his body. It would not be easy to save his life, but they would try.

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