Challenge #03419-I131: Passed With Flying Colours

"Don't bother the gods and they won't bother with you." She said. However, in back memory is one lost to both time and other things, is a time when she did see the inside of an old, run-down, temple as a little girl. She rescued what she thought was just an old person stuck in the rubble. They were deeply grateful for her kindness.

From - -- A New Guy

The building was old and falling down and Magnolia Oxbrydl had been told not to go there. Those without homes of their own or places they belonged tended to shelter under the rotting remains of its roof. It had once been a house for gods, but the gods had long since fled. She was better off staying out of it for her own safety, Pa said.

This day, the roof had caved in. Magnolia, aged four, had gone to see if the absent gods had helped anyone in their old house.

There were no rootless people left. Not at first glance. A low groan that may have scared off any other child came from the rubble. Magnolia tip-toed in to see what it was. He was no ghost. Not yet. A withered old tatter of a being caught under some fallen beams and unsuccessfully trying to dig himself out.

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