Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night

We're having the second once-in-20-year rain event THIS YEAR and I'm having flashbacks to 2012 when we were having once-a-century rain events every other week.

MeMum's "looking forward" to a reflooding, but fingers crossed the measures she has in place now actually work to keep the water out of her house.

The rain may interfere with Date Night, which has previously involved visiting a fish and chippery called -get this- Yabbie Road.

If they don't have yabbies on their menu, I shall be disappoint. Or at least a Beatles-themed something over there.

BUT we might not get there because the rain is just hammering down.

If the bus gets here to pick Miss Chaos up, it's almost guaranteed that they'll send her back home again because extreme weather. But we still have to send her off or we'll get a stern note. It's ridiculous. I know it, they know it, and the Board of Education is still living in 1878 when kids rode horses to school and horses could swim -_-

Rant done with, I shall share story and then ponder what shall be filling the slot for this week's Wordpress Wednesday.

Yoiks and away.