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Tuesday, Patreon PLNs and New Slab Who Dis?

Miss Chaos had a smol shopping spree and a lovely dinner, last night. She got a game called Are You Dumber Than A Box of Rocks? and a Funko Pop that happened to amuse her. We also got her a Teppenyaki dinner and dessert at a place called Cowch.

If you love sugar, and I mean freaking LUHUV sugar, try getting your fill at Cowch. #NotSponsored.

They are an indulgence.

Today, I shall be posting lots of stuff in lots of tiers. I may even have to spend some time coming up with stuff for Alfarell because I am running out. So much for an article per day. Sigh.

I may have to get back on that, but on the other hand, building dungeons has become a slight bit more of an urgency. My Patrons understand, but I'm still giving them some Dumb TaleSpire Tricks.

It's almost bus time, so I'm definitely writing something... and today's the day I seek advice on my writer platforms about finding agents/publishers for a thing. I need to make my writing pay more rent.

Beloved believes in me. I should be spending some time of my days making sure her belief is well founded. And I want to pay her back for her love and support.

ANYWAY. I must get on with getting on.

Thursday, Chambering and Shenanigans

Having company whilst building chambers in TaleSpire is way more productive for the building of said chambers. It's easier to do things with company.

This set of chambers is going to be waterlogged and I need to check and see if the Kobold will drown when the water is where the book says it will be.

It's my universe. I decide who drowns.


Yesterday, my love and I tried to reach a Fish and Chippery called Yabby Road. Alas, it was

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