The sun is shining...

I haven't heard any birds singing, but I have a kittycat on my lap and the world is temporarily kind to me. I'm not waking that up any time soon.

My body is hating on me right now so I have to take the small pleasures, like a kitty finding me comfortable to rest on for a handful of minutes.

There's new Covid cases in Queensland just as the pressure's rising to open the internal borders, they're making people sharing plane space wear masks and establishing this as the "new normal" - a move that should have been done months ago - with bright pictures of ppl in seats with masks and thumbs up.

Violence continues to escalate in the US, with police shooting a man for (a) being drunk (b) not wanting to be tasered and (c) running away. Of those three, I think the mistake was when the taser came out. There were other ways to handle that, starting with teaching cops how to de-escalate situations.

As one person put it - you need eight years of education to practice law. Why does police academy only take six months to teach someone how to keep it?

Meanwhile, the Muppet continues his tonedeaf ignorance of literally everything including his own words and twitter history.

Business as usual.

I finally got the stuff I acquired in a Plague-panic episode of retail therapy and... well... the cloak fits. Chaos might have more to gain from the cool coat I got since 'medium' is subjective now. I may or may not find more ethical sources for a similar coat. The important part is that this cloak has arm holes so I can retreat for warmth as needed and won't creep backwards to strangle me when I have it fastened.

It'll do until I can make my own wrought iron cloak pins for the one MeMum made yonks ago. I can't wear that one around Beloved because they're allergic to processed wool. Fun.

I have done my 200 words and a little more. The check was more "am I there yet" more than "have I done enough" so I shall see how the rest of the week goes.

I might be up to 300 next week. We'll see.