Challenge #02713-G156: Pax Origins

A shockingly smart and devastatingly cruel crew track, hunt, raid, and kill the biggest threats to peaceful ships. -- LatinoThor

They called themselves Dragons, for the ancient tradition marking hazardous seas with, Here There Be Dragons. Their territory was astonishingly vast for what encounter logs suggested was one ship. The last records in the surviving black boxes stated that one ship was seen, but that didn't mean that just one ship was there.

Authorities were slower to act about the attacks, since the Dragons were routinely attacking bands of pirates bothering the Alliance shipping lanes. The Dragons were selective, picking the worst offenders who killed passengers and crew to get what they wanted. Some of their first targets were those who blew up the ship and used any survivors in livesuits or life pods as target practice.

Authorities only knew their name because they announced themselves before their attacks. When one black box revealed that the Dragons were also Humans... there was even less inclination to track them down and apprehend them. Not even when the space pirates were "licensed privateers" from an antagonistic polity in the Edge Territories.

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