Challenge #02714-G157: The Extra Option

Humans love stories. Humans also love adventure, and choice, and danger. Thus was born the "choose your own adventure" style of story. A small group of level 5 havenworlders, in an attempt to improve their genetics, undertake reading one of these stories, with the goal to "survive" to the end of the book. They quickly discover that survival alone does not always a "good" ending make. -- Anon Guest

Level Five Havenworlders should not exist. Just as Level Five Deathworlders should not exist. Their place on the scale was, until such were discovered, purely theoretical. Naturally, Humans made friends with them both. Humans will befriend anything.

Humans were also able to understand that Level Five Havenworlders were far too fragile to meet in person. However, they had tools with which to help. Humans always have tools to help. They're a helpful species, for the most part. There are always outliers but other Humans are more than willing to step in and stop them. In this case, the tool was one of Humanity's oldest - the story.

Humans have a great love of stories. They collect them, they share them, they invent them... they use them to teach, to explain, to predict... they create worlds inside their heads and, if you are lucky, they will invite you in. Sometimes, they come up with stories you can create with them, sometimes, they make stories you can manipulate on your own.

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