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Hello, Rock. Hello, Hard Place...

The two week grace period is nearly done. If there's no signs of coughs or sniffles, I am sending Chaos back to school and doing the decontamination noise when she comes home.

I've encountered a further embuggerance as my Medium account is under investigation and I can't post until things are fixed. I'm moving as lickety-darn split as I can, but I'm also editing THREE YEARS OF INSTANTS so that the sig no longer contains solicitations for funds.

Honestly, it might be easier for me to delete my Medium account, but I'm all up in the Sunk Cost Fallacy and I'm editing as fast as I can stand it. Hopefully the effort for amends counts, and then I'll simply be removing said solicitation from further posts up in there. If my account isn't blocked.

If that happens, then it will be easier to delete and move on. I don't think Medium did very much for me anyway. Don't be too shocked if Medium vanishes from the menu hidden in the hamburger button, over on the top right.

It's a lot of work. 365 stories per year, plus this year, and I have to do as much as possible in the shortest time possible and heck, it would be easier to just delete my Medium account... but I've never been one to do things the easy way.

In the news today:

  • They're opening pubs, clubs and restaurants.
  • They're expecting new peaks of Covid outbreaks to be "the new normal"
  • Witnesses are coming out to testify against the Muppet's lies [they will be ignored of course, because the Repugnicans like their fascist regime]
  • Greta Thunberg is attempting to teach adults how to behave [spoilers: she shouldn't have to be doing that] and twitter shat itself because Right Wingers don't like being told to behave like human beings by anyone.
  • Idiot protesters in the US are fighting over a doll hanged in effigy because the USA be nuts.
  • The real facts about the actual toll of the plague looks like they're going to be coming out into the open like all the chickens coming home to roost.
  • Landlords are reacting in shock that they're not getting rent after evicting their tennants for being unable to pay to live there because they don't have jobs after being fired because plague. Imagine my surprise.
  • Children in France are playing in social distance areas and only the adults are reacting like this is a tragedy.
  • The abattoir responsible for the new outbreak cluster "should have shut earlier", or maybe should have immediately shut the whole place down rather than merely the spawn point.
  • My urge to smack people allegedly in charge is rising to intolerable levels.

Also I forgot to publish that dang chapter like I promised, so I'd better get right on that.