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Challenge #02263-F073: Children Problems

Human children grow their teeth. Problems arise as consequence.

How would that be for species, wou have three rows with hundreds of teeth? How would they react to a human toddler with their special problems? -- Anon Guest

The Edge Territories. Here there be Humans. Raashig was assured that, as a Selachid, the Humans wouldn't attempt to start any aggression. That said, such assurances were not a guarantee. There was always a minimum of one Humans who was drunk enough, belligerent enough, or just operating under enough of a wager[1] to try and pick a fight with a member of species who had eternally regenerating multiple rows of teeth.

Nevertheless, Raashig was more than a little bit nervous as a Human parental and their... pup? Cub? Kit? Their young... climbed aboard the transport to Huaddifoq Station. Humans were famously protective of their young. Dangerously protective. Raashig kept a weather eye on parental and child and attempted to look mostly harmless. If that couldn't be accomplished, then he would at least appear to not be hungering for Human flesh.[2] Raashig carefully watched them both in case they did something hazardous and did his best to be just another passenger attempting to get to their destination alive.

The Human young was small and irritated, producing a constant stream of complaining noises at the state of the world in general and presumably the taste of anything they put in their mouth in particular. The parental, meanwhile, jiggled the young about and attempted to entertain them or at minimum provide them with something to gnaw on. They noticed Raashig. "Don't mind Cal, they're chucking a grumpy because they're getting new teeth."

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A week's difference.

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Tuesday, November 22nd:

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Tuesday, November

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