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Slight Embuggerance

The pln this morning was to record another session for Oh My Mods. Alas, I had an update. It's currently going through an update and will be "a few minutes".

It's been more than a few minutes. It might be stuck. I can't tell.

And like a true cowardy custard, I dasn't do a thing about the planned sesh record until such time as the issues are resolved. Which may involve dragging my Beloved into the mess so that they can do more technogeek stuff than I am capable of.

Of course, there's always TOTO. Turn Off, then Turn On.

Never fails.

The little darlings had an activity period sometime in the wee small, so I should get a sesh in RSN. I'm not planning much more than the usual slug-about today.

[I just now realised that I didn't even post this and it's nearly midday. Good news - I have lots of footage for the next episode of Oh My Mods]


Today has been a clusterfuck.

Got Mayhem ready for his make-up day of traineeship just fine. Yay. Then got informed LATE that I would be the one taking him in. Which meant rousing Chaos because you don't leave anyone at home who's under fourteen because law.

Which also meant a two hour round trip because traffic jam and extra exhaustion on my part because I just don't travel well.

Whoop. Whoop.

That plus my digestive system getting rid of the extra carbs

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It takes practically all morning to convince my little darlings into getting ready for the day. Especially the mandatory daily bathing.

If they didn't fart around so much in getting clean, they'd have more time for farting around on the fun stuff.

Of course, they don't understand this and waste all of everyone's time in delay and denial and end up having no fun at all, resenting me for trying to get them to do stuff, and starting the cycle again the

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And speaking of technical hitches...

I hadn't ticked a checkbox that I really should have checked, and the two prompts I thought I had are -uh- not there.

It's all in working order now. To give me a prompt, all you have to do is click "Feed the Muse!" in the menu. You will then be able to create a New Topic with your prompt.


This is the only place that I allow anons to play like this, so I kind of expect a little responsibility

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