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Challenge #01546-D085: Proof of Concept

The concept of sound didn't exist until roughly the 1870s, when the gramophone was invented. -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Which is weird, because Aristotle linked hearing with the element of air. Source. And more than a few attempts were made to record sound. Source2 ]

"A listening engine?" Clara repeated.

"To aid the deaf, I initially thought. Something to translate the noises we make into a visual medium, and thereby aid understanding. Of course, its spelling would be atrocious, but the message should get through." Montague tweaked his latest contraption. There was an ear trumpet, and a progression of springs, and a pencil balanced carefully against a roll of paper. "So far, I've been analysing the vibrations of the human voice. Watch."

He wound the machine up and pressed a switch. Then recited, "You look wonderful, today, my dearest Clara," into the trumpet. Things jiggled. The pencil moved as if it were possessed. It all stopped again when Montague flipped the switch the other way.

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Okay, that just happened...

Thanks to sharing yesterday's instant to the Steampunk tag on Tumblr, I now have three more followers who do not do the porn thing. I could definitely do without the blogs who do the porn thing.

I'm more about the romance than the sex. Just saying. But -hey- if you love having looping gifs all over your dash of people doing their thing, then that's your thing. It's just not mine.

Anyway. I'm only just starting to get into Steampunk, so my

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Challenge #01186-C091: An Otherwise Sensible Rescue Machine

[Bad situation] - Send help!

Giant Robot spiders have been dispatched to your location. Your help results may vary. -- RecklessPrudence

Certain things are destined to happen when names are chosen for a child. One could imagine, for example, that an infant named Isambard Kingdom would grow up with something to prove[1].

And when one's mother, in all innocence of the written word, had christened her daughter Arachnia Toxicity Blakethorpe-Smythe... Well. Heads would eventually roll.

A lady of breeding may indeed

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Success of a sort

I did get to ask David Bennett about putting the robots into my novels, and the answer was a polite version of, "Thanks but no thanks, you can't do it because legal difficulties."

Which is a slight pain in my arse because I have to track down everywhere I mentioned them and finesse something else in to cover those words. I was very careful to make my beloved automatons' appearance not important in any way to the story in the first place.

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