Silly Season

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Challenge #02978-H055: I Got'cha Something

On docking at the station, the first thing the crew noticed was that it was Silly Season. The second thing that they noticed was that, while they had been being distracted by the colorful streamers on the walls and the semi-random bursts of soft flower petals falling from above, their human had vanished. Hopefully, whatever souvenirs they picked up for pack bonded crew-members would be benign this time.... -- Anon Guest

Silly Season is not a specific time on any planet's calendar. Indeed, it does not appear in any planetary calendar at all. Planets have the progression of seasons and regular festivals as part of the cycle of weather patterns. It gives a form of structure to the Humans living there. Silly Season only ever happens on ships or stations, where there are no seasons and the festivals are nominally present in shore leave.

Humans despise monotony. Once every day is the same and easily forgotten, then some kind of internal pressure hits the collective Human subconscious until something... breaks loose. The Human Hive Mind unanimously screams, "Flakk this," and then every single one of them... goes silly. Humans, it seems, need to party. They need variety to spice up their lives.

It is unpredictable, unplanned, and unorganised. It was also, amazingly, mostly harmless. The Humans involved danced, sang, threw harmless things at each other, and generally created a form of benevolent mayhem that also meant the Cleaners got a feast as well. Many of the Humans got drunk, but very few of them were dangerously so. It became something of a tourist attraction amongst certain groups, though there was never an opportunity to sell tickets. There was barely enough warning for visiting crews to protect or guard their Ships' Humans from joining the melee in progress.

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Challenge #02533-F343: In the Eye of the Storm

Humans don't all celebrate Silly Seasons. Some find it disorienting, some have been damaged, some protest aspects of the culture/celebration in question, some just don't care, and occasionally they're not 'in the mood.' For those who've resigned themselves to the boisterous Silly Season, a human who doesn't conform to the human 'norm' is actually more alarming than everything else they've prepared to tolerate. -- Anon Guest

Silly Season is not a set festival, as many new to the Galactic Alliance

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Challenge #02484-F294: Essential Briefing

A new security force is in training so they can be assigned to various stations. The subject of this particular lecture was the phenomena involving human Silly Seasons. What they were, how to recognize when one was about to happen, how to handle them, and most important, how to curtail the humans safely before the Silly Season got too far out of hand. -- DaniAndShali

Given that this station has opened its airlocks to admit Humans, we at Administration are well aware

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Challenge #02344-F154: A Reason for the Season

Due to the Fact, that tomorrow is the 1st of May (Tag der Arbeit) and subsequently free of Work for me, this Prompt came into Existence:

How would free days be regulated in Space? Different Countries and Cultures have different Holidays/Offdays and Rules. How would Ship humans deal with it? How their Alien Crewmate?

(Sorry for my Bad English, im working on it ) -- Anon Guest

[AN: Never apologise for bad English, Nonny. English is a terrible language that beats up

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Challenge #01228-C133: "Again"?

"I hate to be 'that guy' but I've glued myself to the ceiling again..." -- Gallifreya

There is a place for everyone in the UFTP stellar fleet! All volunteers for the stellar services are tested for their strengths and places where they can perform at their best! Join today! -- UFTP Stellar Fleet recruitment flier.

Second Technician Kevin Maladroit checked the maintenence schedule before he got out of bed. Slow day. Which meant it was a bad one. The crew of the

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