Challenge #02533-F343: In the Eye of the Storm

Humans don't all celebrate Silly Seasons. Some find it disorienting, some have been damaged, some protest aspects of the culture/celebration in question, some just don't care, and occasionally they're not 'in the mood.' For those who've resigned themselves to the boisterous Silly Season, a human who doesn't conform to the human 'norm' is actually more alarming than everything else they've prepared to tolerate. -- Anon Guest

Silly Season is not a set festival, as many new to the Galactic Alliance are wont to assume. It is, more or less, mass hysteria in order to vent tensions. Many have tried to predict how and where a Silly Season will strike, but Humans are unpredictable. It's part of both their terror and their charm.

That said, there are those who just never feel the need to vent. Those who rarely, if ever vent, and those who find other safety valves in their day-to-day occupations. They, like other Humans, are gently herded into the festival in progress. However, they do not catch the infectious mood.

Human Zaf is one such, thrust gently and kindly into the writhing mass of partying Humans that had essentially taken over the commercial district. They stood, just off to the side of the barrier, blinking in confusion at the instantaneous party going on. Zaf was temporarily distracted by another Human running past in just their Skins, trailing what looked to be a cloth banner behind them in their upraised hands.

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