Chugging along

I just finished a stream where I recorded five stories and wrote a piece of music. I'm doing well. Tomorrow, I publish another episode of Inter-Mission for my potentially-two listeners.

It starts with one. It grows from there. Sooner or later, someone is going to do animations featuring their favourite bits.

Tuesday, I shall be editing a new episode of Inter-Mission, and since I'll probably be rat-faced by Thursday, I might not stream at all. It's pretty close to Xmas by then. I may not have a voice by then. Since I'll be ahead of schedule, I might even fit some games in. Whee.

That could be fun :D

I only really play two games - WoW and Minecraft. It'll depend on my mood. Everything I do depends on my mood.

Speaking of moods... Mayhem's decided to teach himself how to paint minis and shall be taking his own sweet time with it. He doth not wish for my wisdom. Darnit.

I'll still have to pack up all the mini painting stuff before the yule party. Because we'll need the table clear and all that jazz.

As for good moods, Team Trees is less than three hundred thousand dollars from their twenty million target! WOO!

For now, though, I continue to entertain...