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Challenge #00431 - A056: One Dark Evening at a Motel of Ill Repute

Dear person checking behind the curtain for serial killers, DO YOU MIND?!? Sincerely, serial killer trying to take a shower”

[AN: That’s practically a story on its own.]

Hannibal shrieked and hid his junk with the shower rose. And both hands. “What the hell, Will?”

“Sorry. It’s this place. It’s like I'm compelled to check the shower curtains for serial killers.”

“Well, there’s just me. Do you mind?”

“Sorry. Sorry. I’ll go check the broom closets again. Sorry.”

He sighed. What else could he expect when they were staying at the Bates Motel?

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Challenge #00001: Sara with a Manual while on Ordeal

 geekhyena answered: Have you read Diane Duane’s work? If so, Sara with a Manual while on Ordeal.

I am not remotely familiar with Duane. I should pick her up, one of these days. Nevertheless, I shall attempt this with my own reality(s).

Fiction ho!

Manual Ordeal

“So…” Hank drawled. “A few questions…”

“Do keep them brief.” Sara turned a page, frowning. It was written in two languages by someone who barely understood

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Challenge me?

Posting fanfic isn’t going to help me be a better writer [New year’s resolution#1: Work to improve myself] but it is going to attract my old fans, which means more readers. I need readers :)

So. Along side the fanficcery that promises to become a long-standing tradition in this blog [over 100 fanfics, remember?] I am going to accept challenges from my audience.

Send me a springboard. A favourite phrase, a title of some media you love, ask

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A polite request

I’m trying to raise some moneys for my next trip to Thailand [ticket price $2500] by selling my written works on/via Smashwords.

They need covers.

I have the artistic skill of a distantly-deceased moose.

So. Therefore, I must ask kindly for someone to design front covers for RTFM, Nor Gloom of Night and perhaps Good Boy if I can get it somewhere where I like it a bit better.

I might even publish a fantasy story I’ve

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