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Challenge me?

Posting fanfic isn’t going to help me be a better writer [New year’s resolution#1: Work to improve myself] but it is going to attract my old fans, which means more readers. I need readers :)

So. Along side the fanficcery that promises to become a long-standing tradition in this blog [over 100 fanfics, remember?] I am going to accept challenges from my audience.

Send me a springboard. A favourite phrase, a title of some media you love, ask a question about my pet universe[chronicled partially here], even an In-a With-a While-a*. I will concoct a drabble or a short story right here on my blog. Just for you.

*In-a With-a While-a is a game from Theatre Sports, where actors improvised a scene based on “in a [Place] with a [anything, really] while a [event]”.

Short stories concocted this way may be ‘Plot-What-Plot’s. You have been warned. Questions may be answered factually as well as fictionally. You get to decide which is which.

You can use my Ask box or use an answer. I don’t mind either.

This challenge will be reposted when I’ve run out of springboards.