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Cover art wanted!

Anyone looking at my Smashwords Profile knows that my own skills at making covers for my works are very limited indeed.

I need someone with better art skills than my own (not hard) to make some covers that will actually encourage people to buy my words (tricky bit).

I also have very little in the way of income. Despite the hundred-some folks who’ve downloaded my free story, I have exactly zero folks who’ve bought anything.

I am willing to come to an arrangement. Either a percentage of sales or up-front purchase, I don’t mind as long as we have it formalized somehow.

What you get out of it: An opportunity to read something before anyone else has a chance to see it - free! And, as a bonus, you get paid to do the art (I presume) you love :)

Much as I love Xotxot’s cover art, he’s snowed under with real life and can’t help me out any more. And I need a better artist than pathetic old me.

Is there anyone out there who can help?

A polite request

I’m trying to raise some moneys for my next trip to Thailand [ticket price $2500] by selling my written works on/via Smashwords.

They need covers.

I have the artistic skill of a distantly-deceased moose.

So. Therefore, I must ask kindly for someone to design front covers for RTFM, Nor Gloom of Night and perhaps Good Boy if I can get it somewhere where I like it a bit better.

I might even publish a fantasy story I’ve

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