Art Request

A 2-post collection

Hm... new way to invade the interwebs

If you know about instant messaging software, there’s this chat app called Telegram that’s pretty much available for all systems and phones.

Beloved and I use it to chat regularly.

Anyway the nice people at Telegram have up and decided to let us, the plebes, customize their own emotes with “stickers”.

We all know that I have the artistic skill and integrity of a concussed whelk, so… I’m begging and pleading for way more talented peeps to start creating SPG sticker sets.

…because getting as much SPG into my life as possible is important to me…

They’re all still pix AFAIK, so trekkiebeth‘s photography would make such a fertile hunting ground. Oh. And the comic. And some of the drool-a-licious arts floating around… and, and, and, and…

I have needs. And I needs mor SPG.

A polite request

I’m trying to raise some moneys for my next trip to Thailand [ticket price $2500] by selling my written works on/via Smashwords.

They need covers.

I have the artistic skill of a distantly-deceased moose.

So. Therefore, I must ask kindly for someone to design front covers for RTFM, Nor Gloom of Night and perhaps Good Boy if I can get it somewhere where I like it a bit better.

I might even publish a fantasy story I’ve

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