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Friday, Unfuckening as Usual

My immediate PLNs are small and average for this time of the week.

Clean the Catio, feed the Starters, make and consume the Bikkie. All that jazz.

I may actually have some Literary Zoomies going on because...

Chapter Count: Made a beginning on Chapter 275

That's right, my lovely readers, I wrote a chapter in a day! ZOOOM!

Further in my shenanigannery, I had to do a little remote tech work whilst also debugging my firkin phone. It's battery is misbehaving so I have to run it out a couple of times before it gets the message.

I'm going to do the meatspace things before I settle to make the offerings. Shouldn't be long. I'm halfway set up for one task at least.

Let's GO!

My routine, such as it is.

I'm a chaotic sort, and random happenstance can mess this up at a moment's notice. But this is generally what I do every day before I sit down and write something.

My alleged waking time is 5:30AM, so of course I start the day by randomly waking up anywhere between half an hour or three hours before that because my dreams are generally the sort of thing that wake me up with random and completely illogical crap.

Depending on how much

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