Our Shy And Retiring Wildlife

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Challenge #02624-G067: Seasonal Invasion


Aka. Ep. 54 "Havenworlder discover Christmas Beetles" -- Mike

[AN: "despite being Australian" is an entire mood NGL]

"It's November," said the guide. "It's Christmas Beetle season." This, seemingly apropos of nothing, was a warning to be taken seriously, since it did come from an Australian about Australian wildlife.

"Are they toxic?" worried Frip. "Venomous, poisonous, or attack-minded?" Frip had learned a lot from their trip to Australia so far. Going to see Australia might be doing Frip a great deal of good epigenetically, but that could only work if she survived to pass on her genes.

"Er. Probably not healthy for you to eat them. They're harmless, actually. It's just that there's a lot of them. Might be a bit alarming for you." Human Arn said. "I got one here to show you. Nice and safe."

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Challenge #01395-C300: Don't Feed the Birds

Person 1: (Panicked and running) "There's a dinosaur in the time machine! THERE'S A DINOSAUR IN THE TIME MACHINE!"

Person 2: (Vaguely annoyed) "Again? Those sneaky bastards..." -- OohLookShiny

Callie looked vaguely alarmed as Baz dug into his mini-fridge and extracted a sausage.

"Don't worry," he said, "It's chicken." He casually strolled down to the temporal lab where a black-and-white feathered dinosaur waited and watched expectantly. As Baz entered, it burst into song.

"That... sounds like a magpie..."

"Probably one of their

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Challenge #01342-C247: The Terra Curse

1) More has been added to the post about "aliens trying to invade and being foiled by wildlife" http://sharpestscalpel.tumblr.com/post/148783332263/professorofeljay-myurbandream-jabberwockypie

2) Quick, think of a couple of characters that got made for one of these prompts and write something about them -- Gallifreya

[AN: This puts the gap count down to 4. Also, callback to this post]


The first Tyrvaki colony to settle picked what they thought was a nice place. It was nice enough for

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The real adventure of the baby skink in the bathtub… This little sweetie was in our bathtub one night and we didn’t want to...

The real adventure of the baby skink in the bathtub…

This little sweetie was in our bathtub one night and we didn’t want to drown the poor thing. So Mayhem (he’s the background) and I spent about twenty minutes rounding up this poor baby skink.

I sent him outside to return the skink to the wild. During this time, said skink decided it didn’t want to leave.

Must’ve spotted us for born suckers.

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