Challenge #01395-C300: Don't Feed the Birds

Person 1: (Panicked and running) "There's a dinosaur in the time machine! THERE'S A DINOSAUR IN THE TIME MACHINE!"

Person 2: (Vaguely annoyed) "Again? Those sneaky bastards..." -- OohLookShiny

Callie looked vaguely alarmed as Baz dug into his mini-fridge and extracted a sausage.

"Don't worry," he said, "It's chicken." He casually strolled down to the temporal lab where a black-and-white feathered dinosaur waited and watched expectantly. As Baz entered, it burst into song.

"That... sounds like a magpie..."

"Probably one of their descendants," grinned Baz. He dangled the sausage at the proto-bird. "You wannit? You wannit?"

KreeeEEEdle koodle koodle koodle COO COO WrrraaAAAAAAK COO!

Baz ripped a tiny bit of sausage meat off and tossed it towards the animal's mouth. It fielded the morsel with evident expertise and looked expectantly at the rest.

"There ya go. You know it's good, right? Back where ya came from, now..." Baz wound up and tossed the rest of the sausage into the vortex, a trick that worked to send the animal back to that from whence it came.

Baz dusted his hands. "Right. That's tha--"


Baz turned. In the portal there was not one, but a family of five black-and-white feathered dinosaurs, all singing for their supper.

" cheeky buggers," murmured Baz in appreciation.

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