All set up

All props are prepped. I'm currently wear-testing the crank for my costume [on an old belt, which fits with the character]. I got $32 worth of wrapped lollies to potentially give out to fellow Halloweenies as they come by our door.

I even have some dollar shop decorations up to let the neighbours know that here there be sweeties.

Mayhem's morph suit is falling apart, which is what one might expect from a dollar shop deal. He needs to repair it, but he's happy with it regardless.

Whatever. If it holds for one more year, I'll be happy. And if I have some money to spare, I might get him a good one down the line. MAYBE.

But now there's very little to do apart from fret slightly about Beloved. There's new meds and they're doing heinous things to their digestive system for a majority of a week. Nasty meds.

The house is like 90% clean and I just need to be certain of a few things before I commit to making those prizes I promised.

And I have a new HUD holder to fit my new phone, coming out nicely on the printer as I type.

I just happen to have forgotten some more important things. Like breakfast, or my meds. Whoops. Looks like I can't get everything right.