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When we last left our heroes, the cat was on the mend, some bills were paid, and MeMum had a semi-reliable internet connection.

That's been more or less fixed, now.

The cat may still need eye surgery because her eyelid is halfway turned inside out and she firkin hates eyedrops [and so do I] which will be another triple-figure bill if the Vet has anything to say about it. AND the air conditioner in the room where I work has decided that it's not actually going to cool the air.

To add insult to injury, the electric shock based foot massager I stole from Beloved has decided not to do its core function any more. That's the least of my financial woes, but it makes me want to challenge the universe with a "now what?"

I know better than to ask. Murphy's Law is very good at supplying answers.

Boy, I could use a "small" loan of a million dollars from Donald Trump's dad. Think he'd take in a plebe? Ha. Yeah. I thought not.

If I ever get to the stage where I have more money than I know what to do with? I will look around for the peeps who need it and give it to them directly. I don't want charity paperwork eating a majority of the money.

Ah, but those are dreams for a very distant tomorrow. Right now? I can't even figure out how to get there. Besides somehow selling billions of my books.

Beloved hates that I spend every minute of the mornings on my compy - but it's the only time that I can write without roasting myself. If I had a laptop, I could work wherever the AC did, but that's currently not an option. $2K ballpark on the lappy of my dreams. Plus whatever the shop that has it decides to tack on top.

On the saving-up-for-cool-shit scene, my dreams account is back up to the $200 I started with. Maybe I can actually save some money from my lit work this time. But I'm currently keeping that $32 in my Paypal because Steam Powered Giraffe is bringing out another album very soon, and that band gives me a reason to keep going through several assorted personal hells.

Plus I want the game associated with it. I may yet annoy our local game retailer and see if I can pre-order. I still have $10 birthday money lurking about.

But not today.

Today is yet another day of dealing with life's bullshit and trying to get my daily allotment of writing done before the atmosphere in here makes me melt.

Wish me luck.

charchoel: g-retchenwieners: What is this Wat This needs a rebuttal pic SO badly.Picture of a generic white girl. Caption reads:Meet...



What is this


This needs a rebuttal pic SO badly.

Picture of a generic white girl. Caption reads:

Meet Julianna.

She invented a genetically superior food crop that could solve world hunger forever.

There’s just one problem: That never happened. Some asshole pro-lifers forced her to have a baby that she never wanted and ruined her future forever.

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for the fic request/suggestion/thing: modern AU discworld? maybe? :D


“Where shall we three meet again?” a young, slightly uncertain voice asked.

“Not here, this coffee is piss,” a loud, gregarious voice answered, drawing the attention of everyone in the coffee shop to her.[1]


“What, it is!”

“Too full of itself also,” a third voice chimed in. “I asked for a small coffee and they told me I needed to ask for a ‘short’. What kind of nonsense is that?”

Magrat Garlick resisted, barely, the urge to put her

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McCall's Cosplay Pattern line



“Tell me whatcha’ want, whatcha’ you really really want!  I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want!”  …Cosplay Patterns!

The marketing department over at McCall is getting savy. They are now marketing a  line of patterns  specifically for cosplayers, 

We are getting school girl patterns, more character specific patterns for popular shows/movies,  and awesome body suite patters courtesy of Yaya Han’s own line of patterns. They are mixing in some of their old historical

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Replace the vowels in your URL with "oodle"


























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