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McCall's Cosplay Pattern line



“Tell me whatcha’ want, whatcha’ you really really want!  I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want!”  …Cosplay Patterns!

The marketing department over at McCall is getting savy. They are now marketing a  line of patterns  specifically for cosplayers, 

We are getting school girl patterns, more character specific patterns for popular shows/movies,  and awesome body suite patters courtesy of Yaya Han’s own line of patterns. They are mixing in some of their old historical pattern too.

Maybe this will help beginner bypass some of the pattern cobbling mess that many of us had to suffer though. 

McCall’s cosplay pattern LINK

This is brilliant because less and less people are sewing these days despite the lamentable lack of nicely made clothing in stores but cosplayers and Steampunks and the like are sewing more and more. They already have a boatload of Steampunk patterns; I’ve even seen some of the cover photos for them turn up here as photos of great Steampunk looks without any indication that they are actually meant to promote a pattern. There are a lot of varied retro looks too. They’re figuring out who’s going to actually be in their stores. I’ve ended up in conversations about WonderCon with the younger staff at some of the cloth stores.

I guess I just think it’s cool. :)

Note: Use the site as a guide only. If you have a Joann Fabric store nearby, they have regular sales on patterns and you usually can get them for $1-2. They keep them at 40% off most of the time other than that.