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Day Nine: Severe Measures

There's still idiots flaunting the law and one bloke who repeatedly escaped restrictions and got jailed for it. People are living alone in hotel rooms and public figures are wearing little green squares on their clothing... possibly to show that they've tested clean for Covid. It might be a new variant of the support ribbon, I don't know. All I know for sure is that it looks like a sticker.

Officials are urging younger folks to take the isolation protocols seriously because teens to twenty-fives tend to think they're immortal. It's exhausting to watch history's mistakes repeating all over again.

We're doing everything we can to control the spread.

Meanwhile, in the US, the government is willing to let people die because commerce is more important than the public.

Meanwhile-meanwhile, I've had a resurgence of my Death Cough in combo with a Cyclone Migrane stab and nearly had myself a case of hypochondria. I'm monitoring myself and if I go down, I've only had a limited social circle to alert anyway.

On the other hand, if I go down, I will go down hard. My lungs a vulnerable turf and I'm fairly certain that the hospitals won't let you do Keto while you're in there. I'll probably be too sick to care if the worst happens.

I have to worry about that outcome, but I'm not letting it rule me.

I'm taking a week off from writing my novel and doing stuff for the fun of it. It's a holiday. I need to keep myself cheered up.

Therefore, I'm playing my way through all of Deponia like I've been wanting to for literal years. I'm also building a fictitious mountain city my D&D dude comes from. In Minecraft, creative mode. I may be building mountain ranges. Stay tuned.

I've been thinking about Wonder Woman...

Primarily that she doesn't get the love she plainly deserves. She gets none of her rich history explored and definitely doesn't get her godhood acknowledged.

I have yet to see how she's going on the screen in Batman V Superman but I'm willing to bet they're going to get it all wrong.

And let's face it. The last attempt at a television series with her failed abominably, and I know why. They gave her the Batman treatment.

If I was doing Wonder

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Testing the media: Weighed and found wanting

I’ve told my spawn about the Bechdel Test, and come up with a comparative test of my own.

And let me tell you, it’s a hard test for most movies to pass.

I’m calling it the “Brown Test” lest egomania strike me down and I name it after myself. Who the hell would want to pass the ‘Nutter Test? But I digress.

The Bechdel Test goes thusly:

1) Does the movie/show contain

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Re: Conneticut tragedy

I am a responsible firearms owner. I would NEVER in my entire life think of taking any variety of weapon into a school, gun or otherwise, and using this as a means of expressing my anger at whatever in the form of dead and injured innocents.

Guns do not cause people to do those things.

Neither does the indoctrination through media that shooting people solves problems.

If you take a look at these massacres, there is an overall trend. They’re

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