Creative People

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Fan Art Friday


You guys have been making too much amazing art. Calm down. You’re making me want to just have a day where we feature all of you!

…but seriously, don’t stop.

Make art about robots, and about the humans beneath the metal. Draw sound guys with dreads or scales, mixing music or breathing fire. Make Walter Workers with or without white-stained skin and blue-streaked hair. Feature baby giraffes and pixelated smiley faces and sonic interface AI’s. Give us your take on Peters with blue matter recipes or keyhole masks. Draw Cavalcadians, Kazoolanders, Horrorians, and Merveillites.

But don’t stop. Never stop.

This band has brought a world to us where anything can happen. The lore is rich, the backstories are fascinating, and the possibilities are endless. I’ve never felt so fortunate to be a part of something so absolutely extraordinary, and the beauty is that you’re a part of it too. We all are.

Make art. Live the dream. Never wake up.

And a shout out to all the fic writers, who wring continuity out of scattered and sparse information. Y’all paint worlds with words and that’s an accomplishment.

You, who pour your hearts out for a like, for a tag, for a comment…

Don’t stop, either.

You’re building dreams while you’re awake. And that is awesome.