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Re: Conneticut tragedy

I am a responsible firearms owner. I would NEVER in my entire life think of taking any variety of weapon into a school, gun or otherwise, and using this as a means of expressing my anger at whatever in the form of dead and injured innocents.

Guns do not cause people to do those things.

Neither does the indoctrination through media that shooting people solves problems.

If you take a look at these massacres, there is an overall trend. They’re almost always performed by white male(s) aged 16-35. As are most serial murders, rapes and many other (non/)violent crimes.

Therefore, there is only one solution:

Ban white males aged 16-35.

Lock them up. Put them somewhere they won’t hurt anyone until such time as they show evidence of being a responsible human being. Or, at the very least, provide them mental health options at vastly reduced rates because it is plainly obvious to anyone that white males aged 16-35 have some serious blippin’ problems, okay?