Keep Moving Forward

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Back to the Grindstone

It's been six weeks, and the person who said they'd get back to me about Adapting has not got back to me in the time they said they would. I may have wound up in their trash folder. Sigh. Welp. Time to trawl #MSWL again to see if anyone else wants to nibble at my fantasy-scifi weirdness.

Plus la change, plus la meme chose.

One down, five to go.

And by the way...

[Shown here: Daffy Duck as Robin Hood repeatedly swinging into a tree]

It hardly hurts any more. I'm used to it.

Onwards to writing 500-1K words on KOSBOB and hoping for the best whilst braving myself up now that I've removed all hints of my assigned gender at birth. I know that's interfering with something. Well. I suspect that gender is interfering with something.

Grr. I just wish to be judged on the quality of my work. Is that so bad?

...apparently so.

All hail the new routine

I have wanted to do some Lets Play videos for some time now. Alas, we have lacked the internet, the wherewithall and the time.

However, the wherewithall has arrived in the form of my Spiffy New PC, the internet has arrived in the Shittiest Possible NBN, and the time has always been there between Fuckoff in the morning and whenever the little darlings wake up.

When they go back to school, the recording schedule is more likely to happen in the middle

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Welp. Gotta do it today

I never got the message from Officeworks about the books, so I have to chase them down about it today. I gotta get lunchboxes, pay bills, and plan the laying-in-of-supplies.

Thank goodness I now know a place where I can get poppas and snacks by the crate.

I gotta get myself into enough gear to cook meals again. These last few weeks have been heat-and-eat when they haven't been purchase-and-gorge. Beloved's been enormously helpful, but they can't cook for me forever.


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