All hail the new routine

I have wanted to do some Lets Play videos for some time now. Alas, we have lacked the internet, the wherewithall and the time.

However, the wherewithall has arrived in the form of my Spiffy New PC, the internet has arrived in the Shittiest Possible NBN, and the time has always been there between Fuckoff in the morning and whenever the little darlings wake up.

When they go back to school, the recording schedule is more likely to happen in the middle of the day. Just a heads' up so nobody panics about when my Instant Stories happen.

I also plan to get the TAZ flash fanfictions done as soon as I'm over the Instant Story. That way, I'll have the rest of my day to futz around with the non-public stuff.

All of this will be changing for the first week of January, because that's when I'm over at my Friendo's and not anywhere near my sweet new rig.

My writing is eminently transportable. Not so much the other stuff.

It draws closer and closer to the big day. I'm looking forward to a better year ahead. I won't tempt fate by mentioning or asking how worse things could be. Happy thoughts. Improvements on life. Spread the love.

This world needs positivity.