Welp. Gotta do it today

I never got the message from Officeworks about the books, so I have to chase them down about it today. I gotta get lunchboxes, pay bills, and plan the laying-in-of-supplies.

Thank goodness I now know a place where I can get poppas and snacks by the crate.

I gotta get myself into enough gear to cook meals again. These last few weeks have been heat-and-eat when they haven't been purchase-and-gorge. Beloved's been enormously helpful, but they can't cook for me forever.

Nibbling seems to be taking the spoons I would use for meals. I either have to work out a new routine or start getting goops prepared in the slow cooker whilst I still have the energy... or figure out other ways to maintain my energies through the day.

And maybe, on bad days, it will be Instant Meals. Or make the kids cook.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm in a slump. Maybe it's because I usually don't eat until late in the day. Maybe unreasoning depression is kicking my arse worse than I thought it was.

And I have very little reason to be feeling this way. I have things under control, for the most part. I have the resources to get what we need. Heck, we're even witnessing an income from our little venture. Not lots, but enough to encourage us further in this venture.

I know where to get cheap eats to keep our money in the bank for extended lengths of time. Heck, I'm even pondering making some ice treats into plastic tubs so that we don't have to spend so much on ice cream for the kids. Chaos likes pear and pineapple enough. And the mango-anything combo continues to win, with or without cream.

Note for anyone who has a frozen treat machine - try to get unaltered cream rather than the thickened stuff. Thickened cream leaves a very buttery aftertaste and makes the mouth feel unpleasant. Alas, I've yet to find a cheap source of creme fresh.

I should -underline should- be okay with my place in life.

But I'm not. Hence, unreasoning depression.

I can only move onwards. Keep going. Keep looking after myself and keep organising life in our favour. It's the only tactic I have.