Iris and Peter Get Married (Eventually) [pt 17]

Chapter Seventeen.
(Becile strikes! Delilah’s impending demise, The one thing he can do, and It wouldn’t be fair)

Peter stared at the words on the telegram.

Becile caused much damage to Cavalcadium with mechanical elephant and sonic weapon. Moreau injured and deathly ill. May not survive the night.

One of their mutual friends had sent it, but Peter could not read as far as that name. He kept reading the final two sentences over and over again. Hoping against hope that they had changed this time. That they will change this time.

Moreau injured and deathly ill.

On paper and in ink. In black and white.

Immutable. Permanent. Unchanging.

May not survive the night.

Delilah Moreau was dying and may not live until tomorrow.

He was powerless... No! He had to do something. He could only think of one thing he could do.

He didn't remember running to his lab. Didn't pay attention to how much time he spent at his work. It had to be special. It had to be unique. It had to be wondrous.

Peter barely remembered if anyone came to see him. There was so much to do. Gears and servos and bellows and -yes! A new procedure for the Blue Matter cores. He sheer curiosity engendered by their operation would give her the strength to come back from the brink of death!

It was going to work. It had to work.

Because he loved her so much.

Because he worked so hard.

Because no future existed for him without her in it.

Because it wouldn't be fair any other way.

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