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Challenge #03137-H228: Medicinal Herb Misuse

Despite being Deathworlders themselves, they hired a human who was an expert at debugging computer systems, at engineering, and at improvising fast solutions when things went south. They looked like large, bipedal, cats, including claws that could pull in or be exposed when needed. They made sure they hired a human who was not allergic to fur, or felines. However, when the human started growing catnip, using it to sooth himself when they had trouble sleeping at night, the beings realized it wasn't the human's reaction they had to worry about. The human MIGHT need to find another type of tea to help them sleep. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: For everyone who wants to read up on the effects of catnip on humans, Jess Wilmington has some information]

Every ship in the Alliance should have a Ships' Human. They just have a way of handling things. Be it their adaptability, their skill at improvisation, or sheer manic insanity of the species[1]... they can dive into the metaphorical cesspit and emerge with a diamond ring.

When the Ruserrv heard about this, they had to try it out for themselves. They found a Human JOAT[2] with the relevant skills and a desire to see more of the greater universe and thought they were set. It's a common mistake.

Humans always come with caveats. Every single Human has their own quirks, hangups, hobbies, and things they dearly love and want to share with the entire universe. In the case of Human Niil, hirs was medicinal botany. Nothing that had ever been illegal in Terran history[3], but at least one thing that would prove... problematic.

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Challenge #01849-E025: Good For What Ails You

[Person 1] "I'm sick !"

[Person 2] "Here, take some herbs."

[Person 1] "I cut myself with a knife !"

[Person 2] "Here, take some herbs."

[Person 1] "I got my arm ripped off !"

[Person 2] "Here, take some herbs." -- Anon Guest

There are people who believe in herbs, and there are people who Believe in herbs. Talia's dotty neighbour Mackqualieghiegh (pronounced, 'mack-ay-lee-ay' and shortened to 'Mac' before the ink dried on the birth certificate) was one of the ones who BELIEVED in

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