Challenge #01849-E025: Good For What Ails You

[Person 1] "I'm sick !"

[Person 2] "Here, take some herbs."

[Person 1] "I cut myself with a knife !"

[Person 2] "Here, take some herbs."

[Person 1] "I got my arm ripped off !"

[Person 2] "Here, take some herbs." -- Anon Guest

There are people who believe in herbs, and there are people who Believe in herbs. Talia's dotty neighbour Mackqualieghiegh (pronounced, 'mack-ay-lee-ay' and shortened to 'Mac' before the ink dried on the birth certificate) was one of the ones who BELIEVED in herbs. And, weirdly enough, for her, they always worked. And when it was her, they worked with other people.

It was very strange. Talia was a thorough nerd and researched everything before trying any of it on a scientific basis. Even then, it was a methodical plotting of doses and months of time because every human had different tolerances and reactions. Especially Talia. And yet, every single time, Mac's herbal remedies, grown by Mac, brewed by Mac, and applied by Mac actually worked. Like a dream. Like a charm. Like... magic.

Talia, frustrated, asked to see Mac's next herbal remedy brewing session. It was more like cookery, only Mac's work station was outdoors because of the fumes, and in special pots and pans because of some of the herbs in question.

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