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Challenge #03792-J139: A Friend For Afterlife

They had a spirit following them since they were very little. Came in handy given how often they were bullied. The spirit despised bullies. -- Anon Guest

Dawson was born by the railroad tracks. From the instant he drew breath, he had Daisi by his side. This would not be anything remarkable but for one tiny detail. Daisi had been dead for twenty years.

She died on the very spot Dawson was born, in fact.

For the first few years, there was no other hint that she was there. Dawson learned to talk and Daisi was assumed to be an imaginary friend. Until Dawson started drawing pictures of violence being done to a little girl.

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Challenge #02099-E275: Important Criteria

"Ok guys, for this little crisis I'll need [huge lion-like deathworlder] and [humanoid havenworlder] to stay back and help Sgt Jeanne taking care of the child escapee that we saved from those abductors, while I and the other help remind our "friends" why it's a bad idea to try to eat other's children."

"But... I'm a warrior !"

"First, it will be indoor combat in a really humid space, that's not your forte. Second, if some of them escape us and reach the

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