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Challenge #03395-I107: Entrance Exam

An aspiring wizard wants to prove they have what it takes to join an adventurer's guild, quickly learning magic, despite being born with a surprising amount of power, is far more complicated than it first appears. -- Lessons

"I'm supposed to what?" said Avorune the Unprepared. "I thought there was a scholastic grant program."

"There hasn't been one of those in decades," sneered Loharith the Judgemental. "Who told you about that, your grandfather?"

"Um," Avorune blushed. "He said it would be easy. Just walk in and ask for a place, he said. And everything else comes right at you on a silver platter."

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Challenge #02099-E275: Important Criteria

"Ok guys, for this little crisis I'll need [huge lion-like deathworlder] and [humanoid havenworlder] to stay back and help Sgt Jeanne taking care of the child escapee that we saved from those abductors, while I and the other help remind our "friends" why it's a bad idea to try to eat other's children."

"But... I'm a warrior !"

"First, it will be indoor combat in a really humid space, that's not your forte. Second, if some of them escape us and reach the

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