Challenge #02099-E275: Important Criteria

"Ok guys, for this little crisis I'll need [huge lion-like deathworlder] and [humanoid havenworlder] to stay back and help Sgt Jeanne taking care of the child escapee that we saved from those abductors, while I and the other help remind our "friends" why it's a bad idea to try to eat other's children."

"But... I'm a warrior !"

"First, it will be indoor combat in a really humid space, that's not your forte. Second, if some of them escape us and reach the child, Sgt Jeanne might not be enough and I trust you with that. Third, you are big, soft and fluffy." -- Anon Guest

Sgt Jeanne was one of the few among them who even knew how to interact with children at all. Aslan (a nickname) and Tillo were kept apart from the combat for very different reasons. Tillo because she was frail in the first place and usually the distant, technological backup and occasional sniper. Aslan because of the aforementioned humidity and close quarters.

She was the one who was chafing the most. "It's sexism," she grumbled. "I get crap at home 'cause I'm a maned female. Now I get relegated to babysitting with all the other females in the troop. Humidity. I can deal with it fine."

"You have run out of your electrolyte solution," Tillo pointed out. "And your cooling packs have expired. Were it not for the heat vents in your livesuit, you would be in great medical peril."

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