First Monday

It's the first Monday back to school, and the kids were actually organised. Huzzah. Which means the last quarter hour of this morning is free for blogging and getting organised.

Unfortnuately, I also have to untangle the slings and arrows of the carers' allowance and I need Beloved to supply things like income details. The good news is that I made an account with the Government so I can at least sort this out a little easier come next time.

The really good news is that one of my stories, Surprise Attackers, netted me close to $40! That's big news for me. I caught someone's interest and they might be paying attention in the future as well.

Of course, they aren't all winners because my time windows are narrow and I have PLNs. As well as what passes for a life.

The pork soup/stew turned out nice, but my little darlings apparently think otherwise. I must get Beloved to do one of their famous fixes for the entire mess or they'll just snork grilled pork for an entire week. Not that that's a bad thing, but the soup exists to let them have veg and fibre and all those other good things.

Beloved can't help very much, either. Spring Carnival is going to keep them locked away from the world for quite some time. Hell, I'm probably very lucky that I get to watch the first Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who episode with them tonight.

Of course, today is also a cleaning day, so some busy times are ahead for yours truly.