Challenge #02098-E274: All Her Business

Ferrets vs Cthulhu, and the ferrets winning. Maybe they use confined spaces against Cthulhu? -- Anon Guest

What Lovecraft said is true. There is little, if anything, that Humanity can do to stop an Elder God. The best that any can hope for is that they might be beneath the Entity's notice. Once summoned, there is no wrath. There is no feeling at all from a definitely superior entity. They do what they want and might eventually return to that from whence they came.

They are impossibly old. Impossible to understand. Impossible to conquer. Impossible to kill. If one also counts the laws of physics and biology, they are also just plain impossible. Too big. Too impractical. There is no way that creatures like that could have evolved naturally, and that was the entire point. They weren't natural. To look on them was to go mad.

Except for Pearl Wallace, who was generally considered to be a little bit mad in the first place. She had made a career out of breeding ferrets and when her babies were endangered by the rampaging Divinity, she graduated into being more than bloody furious. She opened all her cages, set all her babies free and, glaring at the Elder God as fiercely as she could, swung their favourite toy rabbit about like a bolas. Tossed it at the tempting, dangling tentacles at the creature's face.

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