Another school semester is about to begin. Keeping my little darlings on the regular daylight cycle has been a trial, this week. Enforcing bedtime tonight is promising to be a bigger trial :P

The soup is at the final stage before adding vegetables: Getting all the bones out of it.

Slow boiling has divorced the meat from the bones we used to make the broth, so now we have to scoop up solid matter from the pot and pick the bones out of it. Since we ordered our pig as "all chops" and cut the boned out of them before we stored the chops, that's a lot of bone fragments.

As a direct result of this, I've learned that the most common form of piggy on the market shelf is a 3/4 mature hog as the fully-grown piggies can taste 'gamey'.

You live, you learn.

I'm going to work on today's Instant now. Just so I can play with Beloved and work on that epic build with them.