I'm Happy

I got to see the new Doctor on the big screen. A little too uncomfortably close to the big screen, but I saw it and I'm happy. Jodie Whittaker is going to be brilliant, I can feel it.

I got to have some sushi last night. Some had chilli sauce on it, but I regret little else bar seeing the lighter side of seventy-eight kilos again. That's what happens when you have too many carbs. But I got some delicious foods and I'm happy. It was worth it.

There's a new pre-order for the next Adventure Zone graphic novel. Even though I got a pre-order discount, it still set me back because postage. But I'm getting Murder on the Rockport Limited in graphic novel format and it already promises to be excellent.

I finally broke through the hump on B'Nar, yesterday. Now I have a direction to go for a portion of this novel. A nook to explore. Now I know how to move forward, writing this is going to be fun again and I'm happy.

I have a TAZ prompt to play with and that might involve a little research on my part. Probably in weird corners because the elven dictionary I usually love doesn't have filthy words. Bum. But I have a damn good prompt and probably time to do it, and I'm happy.

Today, my Patrons should be happy because they're getting new sneak peeks of my unpublished stuff. Unedited and pretty much straight from my dome. Y'all get to see the inner workings of my fluffy little mind.

But first, I have to go take my ashwagandha because my brain is trying to go back to sleep.