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Challenge #03236-H327: Centaur of Attention

The humans land in a world where the beings they thought were fantasy, are real. Unicorns and centaurs, sentient dragons and faerie folk, all living and working together in a society that had long since learned to put their differences aside. They welcomed the CRC representatives with open arms. -- Anon Guest

It seemed like a fairly agrarian colonial world, at least according to the scans. The first scout ship landed somewhere out of the way to meet with someone who may or may not know the larger parts of their world. They would, because of Alliance laws, become the Ambassador for this colony.

Livesuit ready, translators prepped, scanners constantly on, and a live feed to the orbiting survey ship in case things went pants. Great. Scout and soon to be Ambassadorial Aide Tes emerged from their Scouter to take stock and find the nearest intelligent lifeform. What they did find was fairly amazing. Did? Did that cat just jump out of a tree to catch its prey and then sail gently down on gossamer wings?

Were those butterflies singing choral melodies? Had Tes knocked their head on atmospheric entry and slipped a few cogs? They opened comms to the Maria NiƱa "Uh... Bridge? You're getting all this, right?"

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Challenge #02960-H037: So Not Fair

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