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Challenge #04090-K072: Festival of Change

Gyiiks open massive kitchen / temples on the Thranityr homeworld. They are delighted in being able to produce, along with their human counterparts, feasts for all the castes of this species. And teach them how to create such feasts themselves. -- Anon Guest

[AN: It'd have to be A Thranityr homeworld. They have several by now.]

They didn't exactly come in peace. They came in generosity, which is marginally better. Every Gyiik ship was both kitchen and larder, which honestly saved a great deal of time. They didn't need to set up to cook. They could cook while setting up. Though moving the deep fryers took expert care and a few stasis fields.

They always had a batch out before they shifted a fryer. That way, they could get another batch on when it was in its new place.

They also made sure to have plenty of Terran cheese. Earth made some of the best fats, and the Gyiiks had invented a vaccine to counter the occasional incidence of lactose intolerance.

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Challenge #03734-J081: Found Destination Anyway

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Challenge #02960-H037: So Not Fair

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