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Challenge #03734-J081: Found Destination Anyway

They looked like a human, but could change their form. Their natural form was that of a spider almost the size of a young teen. But how do you make friends when you can't be true to who, and what, you really are? -- Anon Guest

Ragnu Pauk[1] had joined the adventurers as a hunter and trapper. All ze had to do was wander into the woods as the rest of the crew was setting up for camp, and return some hours later with prey bundled up and ready for the following meal.

A meal that ze ate inside hir tent. Ragnu told the rest of the band that ze had issues with being watched while eating or sleeping.

Fortunately for hir, the rest of the adventurers had their own hangups and at least one other one was a collection of hangups in plate armour. They could get used to anything. Adventurers were just like that.

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