Challenge #02960-H037: So Not Fair

A ship with a mixed crew of deathworlder and havenworlder scientists, including a few humans, find a solar system that is a nearly a duplicate of what the Earth's solar system was like in the very beginning of the Jurassic period. The difference being, there were three inhabitable planets instead of only one. Where in the Earth's solar system, aka Sol, aka the Terran system, the planets Mars and Venus were uninhabitable, one being lifeless without an atmosphere and the other being with a thick, toxic, acidic atmosphere with high winds and deadly pressure, in this system, three of the four rocky inner planets were roughly all the same size, had strong magnetospheres similar to Earth's, similar atmospheres to what the Earth's had been like in the early Jurassic period, and all three had water and a lot life. The only real differences, is two were haven worlds and one was a Jurassic-Park-Like deathworld. -- Dinos

[AN: True facts - Mars is closer in mass to our moon than Earth's, so it's kind of amazing that it has atmosphere at all. I'm going to fudge the numbers for you though :D ]

It wasn't entirely rare to find two planets inside the "goldilocks zone", but it was rarer to find life on both of them. Therefore, the new system was beyond interesting as a "threefer". Owing to their relative positions, the Planetary Survey crew analysed the most outward, then the most inward. The one life-bearing planet in the middle orbit was on the far side of the sun to the Thesis Analysis, so it was left for last.

After two Class One Havenworlds, expectations were high for the third in their queue. The Humans were very excited. For every planet with life, the odds were high to find intelligent life. Which meant new friends. Humans did love making new friends.

Human Pyn was on the observation deck, avoiding all the instruments in favour of staring at the viewscreen as she stimmed by bounding about like a flea on a griddle. "Hey diddle diddle, we're headed for the middle," she repeated, giggling. "The last two were empty, but this one's gotta be a winner. Come on spinner."

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