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Challenge #03839-J187: To Guard, Protect, and Defend

A family asks Wraithvine and hir companions if they would be godparents to their children. -- Anon Guest

"Not many people want a Faekindred goodparent[1]," Wraithvine said. "Many of those with origins in Nanogh are... quixotic to say the best of it."

"I know I am," said the Brauniin, popping into visibility as ze leaned over the babies in the cradle. "My blessings come out as curses, it's a whole thing. You might not want me in the equation to be honest."

"We're working on it," sighed Wraithvine, whilst the Kobold currently in hir company was methodically pulling things out of their backpack, arranging them in a strange order. They were sitting on the ground and not stealing anything so they were less concerning than the sudden Brauniin. "Over by the cradle is Ontsab. And this is Kathri. They're an artificer of some amazing merit. And we all need to remember our good manners..."

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Week 6

I did some calendar math (with some help from Google) and this is the final week for the person who said they might like my stuff to get back to me. So far, its' just as Poe wrote: Silence there, and nothing more.

I have five more tries before I just surrender and put this thing out on Smashwords. Which means commissioning an artist to draw my headcanons, and oh dear. Shayde is hard to draw.

I should probably do some preliminary

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