Week 6

I did some calendar math (with some help from Google) and this is the final week for the person who said they might like my stuff to get back to me. So far, its' just as Poe wrote: Silence there, and nothing more.

I have five more tries before I just surrender and put this thing out on Smashwords. Which means commissioning an artist to draw my headcanons, and oh dear. Shayde is hard to draw.

I should probably do some preliminary work on my iPad Pro, just to give an artist some ideas of what I want. Hell, I might even commission my symbiote. Powers know, they need a job.

Then there's the whole "scratching up $400US to pay for it" thing. Ugh.

For now, though, I must to be sure my kitties are safe, my children are ready, and all is comparatively well with the day.

And by the way - I know you're interested - my hair is now a deep, deep purple.