Circling the Drain

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The Wheezing Continueth

My experimentation yesterday has revealed results. In that I can keep this compy functioning if I stick to the BARE MINIMUM of programs going at once. Mail, Markdown editor, and browser with only the necessary pages loaded. Nothing else.

Even then, it's slow as balls to get anything done, so... Yeah. I need to save up AU$1.5K so I can afford to get a new one and do all the things I dearly want to do. I already have the other AU$1.5K in my dreams account [it was going to go towards the audiobook for Amity Incident but I can't get that going with no compy...] so I'm technically halfway there.

Of firkin course this happens in the middle of a plague crisis that has shut off my income flow from Patreon because my brain can't focus on more than two disasters and my creative shiznit.

The plus side is I'm producing at minimum 100 words per day, so my book is getting written, just in slow firkin motion.

Everything is happening in slow firkin motion.

Speaking of slow off the mark...

  • The Muppet finally admits that mask-wearing and social distancing might actually be useful against a plague that spreads through breathing and close contact. Cue the conspiracy theorists claiming that "big mask" or whatever "got to him" blah blah blah...
  • NSW minister urgently telling their populace to wear masks and keep away from people
  • People in NSW jack sick of this shit don't want to do that
  • I want to fucking smack them
  • People in Victoria advised to keep themselves in isolation even if they get a negative result on their test
  • People in Victoria not wanting to do that and are outraged at the order
  • I want to fucking smack them too
  • Bloke caught crossing the border for butter chicken receives AU$1.6K fine plus a year's worth of free butter chicken. I shit you not
  • Sunny Queensland is back to Day Zero as another case crops up and if it's a Karen flaunting the rules, I am honestly contemplating murder. I know fifteen ways they'd never find the body [kidding, it's probably about four]
  • Syphilis is making a comeback...
  • The Karen Squad in the US have invested more time and effort into creating a fake "medical condition" card to get them out of wearing a mask than it would have taken to make a firkin mask. Geez, Karen. Grow the fuck up

In positive news, I may have something of a commission. A friend of mine wants me to make some masks for the greater good, and I do have the fabric, I just need to get the cord. Which was enough trouble in the height of the plague, imagine how it could be now that the supply chains are rooted and everyone who could panic buy has cleaned out the shelves.

I also made more of my soon-to-be-famous butt bread, one loaf of which is sliced for consumption at Chaos' school. Because she won't make sandwiches at home for some firkin reason. I don't even know any more. I'm just going with whatever works at this point. If she wants to make sarnies at school instead of packing them at home... whatever, kid. As long as you eat. Part of today's mission(s) will be going shopping for sammich stuffins to take to school so she can use them there. And getting some cord for the aforementioned masks.

I shall need every luck TBH.