Sunday, Game Night and PLNs

This will be the evening when the shenanigans of IceSpire Peak wind up, I introduce a new player, and have some celebrations for them to have shenanigans with.

THEN I get them all to decide on what next and maybe set up a thing where I can record the sessions without my gloriously pale fiz in the equation.

Fun times ahoy.

Changes with it.

The fun times shall continue as I continue to build dungeons for my players to dragon in at a later date.

Today, I expect little of myself. Same with tomorrow.

Healthwise, I am still having bad air days. Hydrating my atmosphere is helping. As is regular goes on Max to help improve the air flowing.

I really need to brave up and call the medicos about my nonsense. And complain about the HotDoc app.

Not today. Not at all today.