Challenge #03443-I155: Early Bird Serves the Worm

It was very early morning in the survey camp and the human was up and cheerfully going about getting ready to surprise their friends with a wonderful breakfast while enjoying a beautiful sunrise. -- Anon Guest

The difference between Early Birds and Insomniacs is that the Insomniacs don't want to be there. But a dawn like this? It tended to level that difference into nothingness.

Some quirk of the atmosphere lead to a fine layer of crystals somewhere in the stratosphere or above. Which, in turn, lead so something Human Oth referred to as, rainbow auroras. Snaking, twirling spectra curling their ways across the skies. It almost completely distracted hir from the pancakes and bacon.

"Shit! Flakk." The spatula in hir hand blurred, flipping or moving things on the hotplate as necessity demanded. Not too bad. Some things were a little browner than they should have been. Nothing burned to trash status.

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