Challenge #03444-I156: Access Issues

Highly intelligent, and very kind, cephalopod-like beings invite their human friend to visit their home. The ship goes down to a planet that has very, very few areas of actual dry land, and a vast ocean with enormous cities beneath. -- Anon Guest

Interspecies relationships are very interesting. The Cephalopoda have made a series of mistakes in their interactions with -shall we say- more rigid cogniscents. Chief amongst these is what the Humans refer to as the Octodad Incident for reasons known only to them.

Invited underwater to Fliborth's home town, Human Kieth was more than shocked to see Fliborth squirm through an opening no wider than a few centidus[1] in diameter. Human Keith knew hir friend was naturally aquatic, but this... seeing him squish like that was just unnerving.

"All is clear," said Fliborth through the comms. "Just leave your livesuit on the rack and come through the 'lock."

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