Sunday! Day One

Shenanigans are afoot as the family are trekking out to Scenic Coominya. I'm also trucking MeMum there so I had to Very PLN for today.

Part of those PLNs will involve getting some sugar-free caffeine tubes for the trip. Whee.

MeMum is twice as paranoid as I am with this plague. I saw in the news that "covid particles" have been found in the sewer system. Given that this happened up North without an outbreak, I'd posit that this is a potential vector that has been defeated by modern sanitation.

In the Headlines:

  • China has a $15Billion plan to mess with Australia
  • Muppet infected his friend
  • Good doggo hitched a ride on an ambulance to stay with their human. This is officially the best pupper
  • Plague's second wave threatens Aussie economy
  • Passive-aggressive note about parking makes the headlines. #SlowNewsDay

I have a story to write real quick and then I have FAMILY TIME (yeah) ::jazz hands::